Revolar Instinct – Review

Revolar Instinct on jeans

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Being a biker, devices that can make my life safer are of great interest to me.

The first ‘safety’ device that I had is my Apple Watch (1st Generation). This is a device that I have grown very attached to, and it has a great little safety feature – If you hold down button for more than 7 seconds it will automatically send out a SOS message to your pre-programmed emergency contacts. I’m a big fan of this feature, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me when I’m on the motorcycle. The reason is because of the gloves that I wear tend to press against the side of the watch, meaning that I can be happily riding along with not a care in the world, while everyone i care about is in a panic haven just received a message saying that I’m in trouble and need help. I think at one point I might even have placed an accidental call to 999….  So I’ve stopped wearing my Apple Watch when on the bike, but that means I’m one safety device down. Until one week in March where an advert popped up on Facebook showing me an IndieGoGo campaign for a little key ring like item with a button, which allowed me to communicate my status to my loved ones. The Revolar Instinct. Continue reading “Revolar Instinct – Review”