Peak Design Capture Pro and POV Kit – Review

Peak Design logoPeak Design are a USA-Base company who started out in 2010 with the Capture Clip, their first camera clip that was designed to solve camera carrying problems of creator Peter Dering. The original design pioneered on Kickstarter and raised an amazing $364,698. A brief history of the company can be found on their website, or on The SmugMug Blog.

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PayPal Here – Review

This is the third Chip and PIN device that I’ve reviewed, and probably the one that I’ve most looked forward to. Previous devices have been good, however they’ve never had an air of a big corporate entity behind them to drive the service into new areas. Enter PayPal, an arguably late entry to the Bluetooth Chip and PIN device market. PayPal Here was announced in the UK shortly after iZettle pre-orders had begun, however no pre-order information was available until after the iZettle devices had already started shipping. Continue reading “PayPal Here – Review”

Review: Salomon Lord (2010) vs. Salomon X-Wing Tornado Ti (2010)

Mountain Skis

Salomon LogoNot all the reviews and articles I write are technical. For once, I thought I’d post about a recent experience I had while buying some new skis. Now, I’m no professional skier or ski-equipment reviewer, but I enjoyed testing out these two models of ski so much that I felt compelled to share what I found.

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Graze LogoUPDATE: I have recently published a new review for 2013 of the Graze product.

Almost a month ago, I stumbled across an advert in the local newspaper for a service called The service offered healthy food, delivered fresh to you desk on a daily basis, along with a free trial of the service. I had never previously heard of a service like this, and was understandably curious about what it offered. A quick trip to the website explained that the service delivered a box of fresh, healthy food, direct to your home or workplace.

I received my first box from this service about two weeks ago, and a second box on Tuesday this week. After receiving the second, I thought I would write a short article on what the service offers and my impressions of it.

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