Revolar Instinct – Review

Revolar Instinct on jeans

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Being a biker, devices that can make my life safer are of great interest to me.

The first ‘safety’ device that I had is my Apple Watch (1st Generation). This is a device that I have grown very attached to, and it has a great little safety feature – If you hold down button for more than 7 seconds it will automatically send out a SOS message to your pre-programmed emergency contacts. I’m a big fan of this feature, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me when I’m on the motorcycle. The reason is because of the gloves that I wear tend to press against the side of the watch, meaning that I can be happily riding along with not a care in the world, while everyone i care about is in a panic haven just received a message saying that I’m in trouble and need help. I think at one point I might even have placed an accidental call to 999….  So I’ve stopped wearing my Apple Watch when on the bike, but that means I’m one safety device down. Until one week in March where an advert popped up on Facebook showing me an IndieGoGo campaign for a little key ring like item with a button, which allowed me to communicate my status to my loved ones. The Revolar Instinct. Continue reading “Revolar Instinct – Review”

Sony MDR-ZX770BN Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Review

Sony MDR-ZX770BN

Wireless headphones are all the rage now – I’ve owned a pair for a good amount of time (the amazing August EP650’s), and use them regularly. However when I was traveling in February I noticed that they were not the perfect pair for use in a plane. I think I was jus spoiled by the Bose QC15’s that I got to wear in Business Class that one time…

After many months I finally spotted a deal for the Sony MDR-ZX770BN on Amazon UK Deals for £80, and figured I’d take a chance on them, and as I have a two week excursion to Canada coming up, I figured I could (just about) justify them. Continue reading “Sony MDR-ZX770BN Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – Review”

August MR250 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Review

I heard about the upcoming Bluetooth audio transmitter from August when I purchased my August Ep650 Bluetooth headphones. On the off-chance that I’d be able to get one from August to review, I fired off an email linking to my review of the EP650’s and asked if August would mind sending me one to review when it was released. In the middle of July I received an email from August requesting my address to send me one for review. Low and behold, 18 hours later, I have in my hands the new (very diminutive) August MR250 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.

Continue reading “August MR250 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Review”

August EP650 Bluetooth 4 Headphones – Review

When it comes to purchasing a new product, it is always based on research (lots of research) and a justification as to whether or not I ‘could not live without it’. The August EP650 Bluetooth 4 Headphones definitely do not fall into either category prior to writing this review. When I first heard about the EP650’s, I initially dismissed them because I had never heard of the company ‘August’, however after trying a friends, I quickly decided to get a pair. Continue reading “August EP650 Bluetooth 4 Headphones – Review”

PayPal Here – Review

This is the third Chip and PIN device that I’ve reviewed, and probably the one that I’ve most looked forward to. Previous devices have been good, however they’ve never had an air of a big corporate entity behind them to drive the service into new areas. Enter PayPal, an arguably late entry to the Bluetooth Chip and PIN device market. PayPal Here was announced in the UK shortly after iZettle pre-orders had begun, however no pre-order information was available until after the iZettle devices had already started shipping. Continue reading “PayPal Here – Review”