Twelve South BookArc möd stand for Macbook Pro Retina – Review

Twelve South BookArc Mod detail

For those of us who work entirely from a laptop, working on the go is a perfectly fine experience, however when we get back to the office / home / base, we want to be able to plug it into a bigger screen to give us that Desktop Experience. When I first transitioned to my Macbook Pro Retina 15″, I HATED plugging it into an external screen because the external screen just wasn’t Retina (and once you’ve gone Retina, you just don’t want to go back). Later on I bought a beautiful Dell 2715Q (absolutely LOVE it!) and all of a sudden working on an external screen was a joy and a pleasure. As I’d gone 27-inch at 4K I didn’t really want to use Multi-Monitor any more, so I quickly stopped using my laptop as a second screen, but that left me with a 15″ Macbook Pro Retina sat on my desk, taking up valuable worktop space. What to do with it? Continue reading “Twelve South BookArc möd stand for Macbook Pro Retina – Review”