Twelve South BookArc möd stand for Macbook Pro Retina – Review

Twelve South BookArc Mod detail

For those of us who work entirely from a laptop, working on the go is a perfectly fine experience, however when we get back to the office / home / base, we want to be able to plug it into a bigger screen to give us that Desktop Experience. When I first transitioned to my Macbook Pro Retina 15″, I HATED plugging it into an external screen because the external screen just wasn’t Retina (and once you’ve gone Retina, you just don’t want to go back). Later on I bought a beautiful Dell 2715Q (absolutely LOVE it!) and all of a sudden working on an external screen was a joy and a pleasure. As I’d gone 27-inch at 4K I didn’t really want to use Multi-Monitor any more, so I quickly stopped using my laptop as a second screen, but that left me with a 15″ Macbook Pro Retina sat on my desk, taking up valuable worktop space. What to do with it? Continue reading “Twelve South BookArc möd stand for Macbook Pro Retina – Review”

PayPal Here – Review

This is the third Chip and PIN device that I’ve reviewed, and probably the one that I’ve most looked forward to. Previous devices have been good, however they’ve never had an air of a big corporate entity behind them to drive the service into new areas. Enter PayPal, an arguably late entry to the Bluetooth Chip and PIN device market. PayPal Here was announced in the UK shortly after iZettle pre-orders had begun, however no pre-order information was available until after the iZettle devices had already started shipping. Continue reading “PayPal Here – Review”