RAVPower NP-FW50 Compatible Batteries & Charger – Review

Those of us who own digital cameras know the price we have to pay for official accessories. Generally we don’t mind ‘too’ much because the official ones are generally better than anything third-parties make, right?

In the case batteries this may not hold true. OEM batteries are often exceedingly expensive because of the brand name that is attached to them, and sometimes a third party battery can offer very similar (or sometimes even better) performance than the official one.

In this instance we’re looking at the the Sony FW50 (NPFW50) compatible RAVPower FW50 Compatible two-pack of batteries with an included twin battery charger. Continue reading “RAVPower NP-FW50 Compatible Batteries & Charger – Review”

3 Legged Thing meets Peak Design – Tripod Plates Comparison

Plate Comparison - top

So this is a bit of a niche post, but I figured it was worthy of a little bit of attention. Those of you who are UK and US based photographers have probably come across the company ‘3 Legged Thing’, makers of some truly lovely tripods. Recently, 3 Legged Thing have teamed up with Peak Design, another company that I have great respect for. This partnership appears to go beyond the simple of selling Peak Design products on the UK 3 Legged Thing website. Continue reading “3 Legged Thing meets Peak Design – Tripod Plates Comparison”

PocketWizard Mini/Flex – Third Party Compatibility

Many years ago, my first Canon 430EX II Speedlite drastically changed the way I looked at Photography. At the time I was getting started, and inexperienced with the advanced techniques such as off-camera lighting. Adding a decent Speedlite with a rotatable head opened up whole new worlds to me. Then came my Canon 7D with an IR Transmitter built into the on-camera flash. This meant triggering (With ETTL) of off-camera Speedlites. Again, new worlds were opened to me – now the possibility of professionally lighting a scene with one or two off-camera Speedlites was a whole new realm of exploration and learning. Continue reading “PocketWizard Mini/Flex – Third Party Compatibility”

Peak Design Capture Pro and POV Kit – Review

Peak Design logoPeak Design are a USA-Base company who started out in 2010 with the Capture Clip, their first camera clip that was designed to solve camera carrying problems of creator Peter Dering. The original design pioneered on Kickstarter and raised an amazing $364,698. A brief history of the company can be found on their website, or on The SmugMug Blog.

Continue reading “Peak Design Capture Pro and POV Kit – Review”